Quick Info about the race

How – Two wheels, two legs, two lungs  (and perhaps a curse or two)

What – 30, 62 or 110 km

When – We have decided to not host the race in 2014. We plan on returning in 2015 with the hardest race in Ontario. Start training now, the race will be just as tough in 2015 as it has been for the past 16 years.

Where – Just outside of Mattawa Ontario, on the VMUTS multi-use trail system.

Why -

  • Because you are looking for a challenge.
  • Because you think 110 km on a MTN bike is a good time.
  • Because your friend thinks they can do it faster than you.
  • Because you’ve heard the course punishes both bikes and riders – and you want to prove that you are just a little better than the rest of us.
  • Because you need something to train for.
  • Because you’ve heard the post race BBQ makes it all worthwhile.
  • Because you’ve heard the race organizers are good guys! ;)
  • Because the race is organized by volunteers, with all proceeds going to support trail development and other riding initiatives.
  • Because…because…because…because….we all have a reason!

Are you willing???

LOST IN THE ROCKS AND TREES is a proud member of Mattawa’s Adventure Week!

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